Thursday, 19 January 2012

What really happened with the Costa Concordia? What, who, was behind the wreck.

I don't like to negatively about people or things. We just have to turn on the computer or television to get enough of that! But Nathan, a reader, made a suggestion to good to pass up. 

So I am about to break the first part and tell a negative story and will have to make a "distinction" like good philosopher so as not to talk badly about this man.

What's going on? We've come a long way since the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, and huge cruise ships are still sinking? It seems like we'd be able to fix the problem

Last Friday, the Costa Concordia, a luxury cruise ship, just wrecked off the Italian coast. Human error, chance, perhaps, but the worrying part has been the captain's story. His interviews all excuse the whole incident, and he, himself, was off on the first lifeboat.

I don't mean this as a judgment against him, but the action has had horrendous consequences. 11 people dead, and more than 20 missing.

What comes to mind is the U.S Airways Flight 1549 from almost exactly three years before. Captain Sullenberger managed to land a "belly-flop" on the Hudson River against all odds.What a difference between these two events! Between the two captains!

What were their motivations? And why so different outcomes? What would have you done? 

Please comment or send me your thoughts.

A very interesting quote from one of the articles cited below (originally from Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad):
“Nothing more awful than to watch a man who has been found out, not in a crime but in a more than criminal weakness. The commonest sort of fortitude prevents us from becoming criminals in the legal sense; it is from weakness unknown, but perhaps suspected, as in some parts of the world you suspect a deadly snake in every bush – from weakness that may lie hidden, watched or unwatched, prayed against or manfully scorned, repressed or maybe ignored more than half a lifetime, not one of us is safe.”

Some interesting articles:

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  1. the light of Christ has been overshadowed by darkness.
    We must pray for his soul......